Bathroom Water

Introducing Liquiclear’s best-in-class Bathroom Water Softeners that convert hard water into soft water with utmost ease and precision. Hard water contains excessive harsh minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, etc., adding to various complexities in terms of hair damage, skin damage, choked pipes, and many more.

After bathing in Hard water, the harsh minerals present in the water create a film-type texture on one’s skin and hair, preventing moisture from penetrating one’s scalp and skin. Similarly, hard water damages your bathroom appliances like geysers, pipes, washing machines, etc., causing extreme corrosion, to the extent of rust damage. Hard water also leads to choked pipes as a massive amount of mineral deposit due to hard water gets stuck in the pipes, blocking the water from running smoothly.

Our advanced Bathroom Water Softener helps smoothen the water and minimizes the damage done to one’s hair, skin, appliances, and pipes.


Improves Water Quality
Refines the quality of Water by removing harmful contaminants from it

Soft Skin & Hair
Nourishes the skin & hair

Minimizes Scaling
Reduces the scaling on the tiles.

Helps Chocked Pipes
Less mineral deposit to ensure choke-free pipes

24 Hour Operation
Operates smoothly 24x7 for 365 days without stopping.

Increases Appliance Life
Maximizes appliance life as it keeps your pipes & geysers Rust-free.

Saves Water
Saves more water than other conventional Water Softeners.

Multi Port Valve (MPV)
First in segment easy to use, with an excellent sealing mechanism to avoid leaks.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions in mm H 680 × W 170 × L 180
MPV Type Manual
Resin Liquion-250
Resin Quantity 6 Litres
Salt Quantity for Regeneration 960 g.
Inlet / Outlet Size 3/4"
OBR on 300 PPM 1200 Litres
Item Weight 9.1 Kg.
Application Geyser/Shower/Washing Machine/Solar Water Heater