Hard Water Causing Hair Fall? Regain Control With the Best Water Softener for Home

Hair is one of the most important elements of one’s face, yet people undermine its value. Liquiclear’s advanced LDI technology of water softeners provides the perfect hair fall solution for everyone.

The kind of impact that healthy & shining hair has on one’s appearance, no other feature can match. Your hair can really make or break your overall appearance. However, incessant usage of hair appliances like hair straighteners and hair dryers, poor diet, and a lack of good quality can badly damage our hair and shake our confidence. While a lot of people spend significant time and effort researching the hair products they use, not a lot of thought is spared for the quality of water they use on their hair. Although, most of these problems hair fall can be solved, by using the right hair products, a nutritious diet, regular oiling, hair spas, etc., how does one solve the underlying problem? The problem of Hard Water.

Hard Water and its harsh effects on the body & hair

The effects of hard water on hair are a subject of debate among physicians and scientists. According to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Trichology, hard water does not weaken hair or induce hair loss. However, a more recent study that was released in 2016 discovered a connection between using hard water and having poor hair. Using hard water to wash your hair can leave your hair with excessive mineral buildup, which can result in split ends and dry, brittle hair, hair fall & hair loss that is more prone to breaking.

Hard Water and Its Harsh Effects on the Body & Hair

Hard water poses a health risk in addition to being an inconvenience. The International Journal of Preventative Medicine says that regular exposure to water hair. The high mineral content of hard water has significant negative consequences on a person's health. For instance, elevated calcium and magnesium levels in the water can have negative effects on the body's organs and can lead to several health issues in the long run like cardiovascular problems, diabetes, neural diseases, and the most common being hair loss.

Here are some common Hair loss symptoms due to hard water

Do you see a lot of hair on the shower floor? Or does your hair frequently fall out of the comb? It can be difficult to pinpoint the causes of hair loss if you're wary of losing your locks, but we have simplified it for you. Here is a list of some the most common symptoms of hair fall due to hard water:

  • Excessive hair breakage
  • Thinning of Hair
  • Hair tangling more than usual
  • Dryness on the scalp
  • Dull appearance of hair
  • Extreme Frizziness in Hair
Here Are Some Common Hair Loss Symptoms Due to Hard Water.

Timely intervention can prevent dehydration. One may not even realize that they are dehydrated until they start feeling lightheaded or have muscle cramps. Even a 2% decrease in our body’s water weight can lead to issues like brain fogging, dizziness, and visual blurriness. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the right amount of water levels in your body.

Save your Hair from Hard Water - Invest in a Liquiclear’s LDI Technology (best water softener for home)

Save Your Hair From Hard Water - Invest in a Liquiclear’s LDI Technology (Best Water Softener for Home)

Although there are multiple things you can do to make your hair healthy, none of them are as effective as a water softener in minimizing the effect of hard water on your hair. The percentage of harsh minerals present in hard water is extremely high, which creates multiple issues like brittle hair and hair loss, skin issues, less lather formation, and increased consumption of soaps & shampoos, which is why it is essential to invest in a good quality water softener like Liquiclear’s LDI Technology (best water purifier for home).

Liquiclear’s LDI Technology based (best water softener for home) provide the best hair fall treatment

Liquiclear’s next-generation LDI Technology powered best water softeners for home help in removing excess harsh minerals from the water supply in your home, giving you soft water (Liquiclear’s LDI Technology based) for manageable & smooth hair. Your hair will end up holding its volume and shine for a lot longer, thanks to the mineral-rich soft water provided by Liquiclear (best water purifier for home). When you rinse your hair with soft water (Liquiclear’s LDI Technology based, it will require much less shampoo and conditioner than before. Liquiclear’s (best water purifier for home) wide range of water softeners also helps balance your hair's pH level, leaving you with silky smooth hair after every wash. It's time to experience the best water purifier for home with Liquiclear LDI technology!

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