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Water is the most crucial ingredient of life. Liquiclear’s advanced water purification technology fortifies water with essential minerals required to keep our bodies healthy. Its LDI technology undoubtedly stands apart and makes Liquiclear a must-have water purifier in our homes.



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That’s an invitation to Dehydration, we don’t want it, right?

On average, an adult needs 2-3 liters of mineral-rich water daily to stay well hydrated and free of heat illnesses like heat stroke, heat rash, and the most common one, Dehydration.

How is Dehydration caused? Take a look

Dehydration is caused when we lose more water from our bodies than we take. Vomiting, excessive sweating fever, and excessive urination can cause an extreme and rapid loss of water. In India, diarrhea caused due to dehydration is the third most common cause of death in children and is responsible for 13% of deaths in this age group.

DEHYDRATION SYMPTOMS: They can vary from person to person, but most people experience symptoms like:

  • Thirst
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Dryness of the mouth, lips, and eyes
  • Less frequent urination
How Is Dehydration Caused? Take a Look

Timely intervention can prevent dehydration. One may not even realize that they are dehydrated until they start feeling lightheaded or have muscle cramps. Even a 2% decrease in our body’s water weight can lead to issues like brain fogging, dizziness, and visual blurriness. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the right amount of water levels in your body.

The solution to Dehydration - Mineral-rich Water Consumption

The mineral balance in our body is recharged when we hydrate ourselves with water that is powered by essential minerals like Calcium, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium, and Potassium. These minerals interact with the fluids in our body to form Electrolytes. Drinking water with minerals helps to replenish these electrolytes and keep our bodies functioning and hydrated for a longer duration.

Thinking of how to choose the Best Water Purifier for mineral-rich Water?

Even though Regular Tap water in India is much cheaper as compared to other purification technologies, it does not solve the problem. The TDS level of tap water is high as it contains excess harsh minerals that can harm our bodies excessively in the long run.

Existing Water Purification technologies don’t help either, as they provide water with low TDS. These water purification technologies in their purification process, in order to make the water clean & safe, rob the water of essential minerals that are required to keep our bodies healthy and functioning.

At Liquiclear you get the (best water purifiers for home and commercial use) as it employs a unique (LDI Technology) that makes the water pure, fresh, and mineral-rich, which keeps you hydrated and healthy. The technology works on removing ions from the water by absorbing essential minerals and flushing out the excess harsh minerals from its system.

Liquiclear’s LDI Technology water purifiers (best water purifiers for home and commercial use) save around 80% more water and have 1/4th of energy consumption as compared to others. The advanced technology of our LDI water purifiers along with its leading-edge systems makes it ideal for households as well as commercial units. They are easy to install and operate and do not require frequent maintenance or repair costs.

Liquiclear strives to provide innovative and superior (water purification) solutions that are unique and differentiating.

Liquiclear (LDI Technology) purifies water with a TDS range as high as 2000 ppm and is great for high TDS water. This is a decent counterpart for a joint family as well as a nuclear family as the capacity tank can hold 9 litres of separated water and the cleansing limit really depends on 20 liters each hour. A TDS regulator is utilized by Liquiclear (LDI Technology) to keep them separated from water at a solid degree of significant minerals.

It’s Time to Switch From Dehydration to Mineral-Rich Hydration With Liquiclear’s LDI Technology.

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